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As you will know by now, Bali is Known as the islands of the Gods and Indonesia has a growing reputation as one of the world's finest and least explored Scuba diving destinations. So please allow us to introduce Bali & Asia Dive Travel - Diving Bali to you & your dive buddies

Asia Dive Travel is a Dive RAID Instructor Training Centre based in Sanur Bali is owned and operated by a Team of Australian & Indonesians with more than 14 years experience of dive operations in and around Bali and all of Indonesia. Our SSI / Dive RAID Instructors and Dive RAID Divemasters will arrange Bali Dive Safaris or can teach the full range of SSI / Dive RAID Scuba Diving Courses in many languages including English, French, German, Dutch, Japanese, Korean and Indonesian.

Scuba diving in Bali has evolved into a new era of service. Asia Dive Travel , A Dive RAID Instructor training centre & Dive RAID Dive Centre, formerly Aquapro Bali is the product of this evolution. Building on Asia Dive Travel Bali's position as the leader in SSI Diving Education and Dive RAID Training Programs, the formation of Asia Dive Travel has allowed the expansion of our services to meet all your needs when scuba diving in Bali. Our services range from Dive RAID Dive Courses, SSI Instructor Training to personalized Diving Bali Safaris, Daily Dive Trips, Equipment Advise and Sales. No matter what your diving preferences, Asia Dive Travel with its many years experience coupled with exciting expansion will be the number one choice for quality diving service in Bali

Exploring different Bali dive sites and organizing bali diving safaris in Bali and soon becoming the most sort after services other than diving courses that the company has to offer. The high degree of services shown by the Instructors and the staffs has awarded us with friends all over the world that supported us over the years.

All our trips are led by certified Instructors or Divemasters. Our equipment is serviced by our own technicians who have received certifications from the original manufacturers. We conduct rigorous checks of our tanks under Professional Scuba Inspector (PSI-CGA) standard and assure our air supply meet the best of international standards (Grade E).

Asia Dive Travel differentiates itself from the competition. We don't just go to the same sites as the rest, but pioneer fresh areas and look for the extras in the usual spots. The special sites we offer are the result of constant exploration that we conduct.

Diving Bali | Dive Bali | Bali Diving - Scuba Diving


  1. ADA - is the Bali dive operator to be accredited as a Dive RAID Instructor Development Center

  2. ADA has 2 SSI Instructor Certifier, 2 SSI Dive Con Instructor as full time employees.

  3. ADA has trained people from Beginner up to SSI Instructor level including 17 different specialty divers’ courses and SSI Instructor specialty courses.

  4. ADA Instructors and Instructor Certifiers have taught more than 2000 divers with a 100% safety record.

  5. ADA diving tours are only lead by qualified and certified Instructors and / or Divemasters

  6. ADA guarantees to use the most up to date system of diver education for the most effective learning and highest degree of qualification. 

  7. ADA Scuba Equipment is professional maintained by our qualified and certified Scuba Technicians

  8. ADA Scuba tanks are maintained by our professional Scuba Inspector certified by PSI Inc. USA

  9. State of the art audio visual classroom to enhance your Scuba Education
    No other Bali Dive Centre can offer you such a variety courses, More than 30 different Scuba courses are available one to suit your very needs

  10. We are the only dive operator in Bali who offers 100% guarantee refund to all of our students from beginner up to instructor level if we don’t provide our promise to you

Diving Bali | Dive Bali | Bali Diving - Scuba Diving


Diving Bali Dive Bali  - Scuba Diving Bali Diving  - Scuba Diving
Diving Bali | Dive Bali | Bali Diving - Scuba Diving