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 Raja Ampat West Papua and Komodo National Park

Diving Bali - Diving Liveaboard in Raja Ampat West Papua and Komodo National Park, Indonesia

raja ampat liveaboardAlmost 90 liveaboard dive boats work the seas around Raja Ampat and Komodo’s magnificent marine park. Some are great. Some aren’t. We (Raja Ampat Liveaboards) was founded to help you choose the vessel, the operator and the route that combine to offer the best possible experience .

As you will have seen from the number of websites, there are a lot of them. And for each one, there are a lot of things to consider. For example: dive sites visited, predicted weather and sea conditions, equipment on board, safety standards, the operator’s professional experience, standards of accommodation and catering, the quality of dive guides, the experiences of previous customers, the best use of the time you have available and, of course, your budget.

This means there are no standard answers we can trot out without knowing more about you and what you’re looking for. And you certainly shouldn’t make a decision without personal contact with whoever is booking your trip.

"After more than 20 years’ of diving Indonesia’s amazing seas from both shore and boat, Since 2007 we have been concentrating on evaluating every Komodo and Raja Ampat trip on offer. We have built a comprehensive network with the most of liveaboards operator in indonesia, so we can offer the best liveaboard package that suits with your wishes and budget"

We recognize that our strength and competitive advantage is in performing outstanding service and developing excellent programs. We pride ourselves in listening to the need of our markets and exceeding their expectations.


Raja Ampat West Papua and Komodo National Park


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