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Komodo Diving - Komodo LiveaboardsKomodo Liveaboards area – Komodo Dragon & Komodo Habitat Indonesia - Scuba Diving Komodo Marine National Park, Komodo adventure & Komodo cruises to the very beautiful tropical area of Komodo. Sailing expedition adventures offers on this Dive Komodo liveaboard website and Mermaid liveaboards look forward to welcoming you to Indonesia to komodo diving area with Komodo liveaboard for Scuba diving & Raja Ampat liveaboards from Bali to Komodo onto Flores for Komodo dive trip Dracheninsel komodo

Komodo Liveaboard - Komodo Liveaboard Diving - Scuba Diving Komodo

Komodo National Park is located between the islands of Sumbawa and Flores in the Lesser Sunda Islands, at a distance of 200 nautical miles to the east of Bali. It has a total land area of 75,000 hectares and encompasses a number of islands, the largest of which are Komodo (34,000 hectares), Rinca (20,000 hectares), Padar, Nusa Kode, Motang, numerous smaller islands, and the Wae Wuul sanctuary on Flores. A total of 112,500 hectares of the surrounding waters are also under the jurisdiction of the Komodo National park rangers. HISTORY In 1938 Padar and the south and west of Rinca were declared a Wildlife Sanctuary, but it was only in 1965 that the island of Komodo was formally included in the sanctuary. Komodo National Park was established by government decree in 1980 followed by the designation of Komodo National Park as a World Heritage Site in 1991

Komodo National Park has the lowest annual rainfall in all of Indonesia, with an abbreviated rainy season in the month of January. For most of the year Komodo National Park is dry and hot, parched by arid winds from the Australian desert that blow from April through October. Maximum temperatures reach 43 C, with minimums of 17 C in August. Most of the Komodo National Park is dry, rugged and hilly, a combination of ancient volcanic eruptions and more recent tectonic uplift of sedimentary seabeds. The irregular coastline is indented with rocky headlands and sandy bays, many framed by soaring volcanic cliffs.

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Komodo Liveaboard - Komodo Diving - Scuba Diving Komodo