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Diving Bali Pemuteran

Pemuteran Reef 
Pemuteran is 45 min along the north coast from drive from Lovina, Pemuteran is a small resort town mostly located on the beaches. Scuba diving here is some of the best I have seen coral-covered Bommies that go from the sandy ocean floor, at around 40meters, up to about 3 meters from the surface. The top coral cover is a mixture of hard, soft and fire corals with some sea fans and sponges deeper. Some mild currents and visibility is usually very good, but varies quite a bit due to shallowness, easy access and good conditions
Due to the close proximity of the Dive Resorts, you can easily night dive at Pemuteran - not only on these coral bommies but also on their House Reef mostly just off the beach.
There is also a turtle sanctuary located at Pemuteran and one of my dive buddies saw a dugong (from far) while snorkeling.

The three reefs, Pura Tembok, Close Encounter and Napoleon Reef are all located close to the resorts in Pemuteran, no more than a boat trip of about 15 minutes away. The small reefs are covered with soft corals, gorgonians and sponges as well as many fishes (sting rays, shrimp fish, scorpion fish, lionfish, ghost pipe fish, batfish, groupers and even sometimes mantas). Nice & spectacular.

Pemuteran house reef: A special experience here are the colorful Mandarin dragonets that can be seen in the late afternoon. This is the time they come out from theeir hiding places to forage. Sometimes shortly before night falls they rise up and do a mating dace together. Night dives are around the house reef straight from the beach.


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