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Dive RAID - Orientation Program

RAID instructors are highly regarded in the diving industry. Tooled up with modern diving techniques, they stand out from the crowd. Being associated with the fastest growing diver training agency will present many opportunities and students benefit from the best training available to them.

Dive RAID OC Instructor

Cross Over To become a RAID Open Circuit Instructor

At RAID thier philosophy is to train instructors to a higher standard so you can teach new and existing divers to be safer and more environmentally aware. This comes in the form of better/more efficient equipment configuration, modern skillsets, and being able to hover!

The RAID crossover programme is about understanding thier efficient and comprehensive online system, role playing as student and instructor, in-water skills activities and visualising the instructor/dive centre signing off process.

RAID Instructor Orientation Registration

All crossover candidates MUST register with Dive RAID and affiliate to Diving Bali prior to enrolment on the RAID Orientation Programme. Please also add a passport like photo to your RAID profile. Once this is completed RAID will give you access to the required courses online. It is advised to do this as soon as possible to allow time to complete the quizzes and exams for the online course.

RAID Online Paperwork

Instructor orientation participants will be required to provide the following:

  • Copies of the participant’s highest Instructor rating
  • Copies of any specialty instructor ratings (deep and Nitrox ratings are mandatory)
  • Copies of any technical instructor ratings
  • A valid Dive Medical
  • Liability insurance if required in the region

For Divemaster crossovers, Dive RAID will need scans copies of the Active Divemaster card.

Please send a scanned copy of these documents to Diving Bali  no less than one week prior to the crossover date. Please scan and attach these documents separately on your email and make them clear with your name and document description i.e Paul Smith - HSE Medical

Note: HSE medicals are not compulsory to become a RAID instructor except when actively teaching in the UK for gain or profit. For all those teaching for gain/profit we expect you to be able to supply your current HSE medical approval on demand and supply a current copy to the RAID UK & Malta office to be kept on file.

RAID Orientation Materials

Once registered online, Diving Bali will open all necessary materials  to study & operate as a RAID OC Instructor.

Generally this will be:

  • Try Dive
  • RAID Open Water Diver 20
  • RAID Explorer 30 Diver
  • RAID Advanced 35 Diver
  • RAID Master Rescue Diver
  • RAID Divemaster
  • RAID Deep 40 Instructor
  • RAID Nitrox Instructor
  • RAID First Aid Instructor
  • RAID Try Dive Instructor
  • Any other equivalent specialty instructor programmes will be included on your RAID profile (proof required).

* Each candidate must bring his or her own laptop and device to the orientation  programme.

- RAID Online IE / us$100.00 paid online via the store by the candidate

- RAID professional membership paid to RAID Indonesia

- Relevant teaching slates (once in stock) price to be confirmed 

Scuba Equipment

All orientation instructors will be required to have all equipment as per RAID General Diving Stadards (RGDS)  (in service) for use in the confined water session including:

  • Your normal exposure protection for the temperature and environment.( Broadshorts & Tee Shirts not acceptable in any RAID Orientation)
  • BCD/ single backmount harness & wing.
  • Regulators normally used for recreational training and diving
  • Folding snorkel to clip onto mask strap
  • Dive computer
  • DSMB and spool with double ender boltsnap

As RAID is a modern training agency, we would prefer all our instructors to use the long hose system and train divers to donate the primary , however the long hose configuration is not mandatory. Please bring the equipment that you will be training and diving with.

RAID Orientation Programme Structure

Prior to participating in the programme crossover instructors MUST complete the quizzes and exam for Open Water 20 and review the Instructor programme as a minimum, ideally all programmes provided to you should be completed.

The orientation programme includes the following components:

  • Online training structure including quality assurance
  • How a dive centre is allocated and how the dive centre allocates the training instructor.
  • How the diver and instructor signs off all confined and open water skills.
  • How the RAID Dive Centre completes the checks are satisfactory and certifies the student
  • Manadotry Use of the online logbook in training
  • Instructors will participate in a confined water session where specific RAID skills will be discussed, demonstrated and practiced.
  • 1 Confined Water presentations will be allocated then presented.
  • 1 Academy presentation based on 2 missed questions from any core program 

RAID First Aid Crossover Programme Structure

As part of the RAID Instructor Orientation programme, candidates who have a current first aid teaching qualification can participate in a RAID first aid workshop. Upon successful completion of this workshop Instructors will then be able to teach the RAID first aid programme.

Suggested RAID Instructor Orientation Itinerary:

Day One: 8am - 6pm

  • Introductions
  • Presentations
  • Lunch
  • Familiarisation to the RAID online system
  • Q&As

Day Two: 8am - 6pm

  • Presentation for in water skills
  • In-water skills
  • Lunch
  • 1 Confined Water presentations will be allocated by the trainer and then presented by the candidate.
  • In-water skills

Day Three: 8am - 6pm

  • Familiarisation of sign off procedures
  • 50 question RGDS exam open book
  • 1 Academy presentations will be allocated by the trainer and then presented by the candidate.
  • RAID OC Instructor certifications will be issued / This will form part of the fomal issuing of certification training.
  • Lunch
  • RAID First Aid workshops & orientation
  • Certification as RAID First Aid Instructor 

 *Please note these timings are suggested and are subject to change.

* All RAID Online programs are to be completed prior to attending RAID orientation. 
RAID Examiner  will not issue RAID OC Instructor certification untill such time as all online programs are completed  


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