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RAID Open Water Instructor

Dive RAID - Instructor Development Program Take the first steps to becoming a RAID Instructor in Bali will also add that little Extra to ensure you are well on your way to becoming a true professional RAID Instructor 

Pre Requisites:
• To be a minimum of 18 years old.
• Have a diving medical not more than 6 months old signed-off on by a licensed medical practitioner.
• Completed and passed RAID Open Circuit Open Water, RAID Advanced 35, RAID Master Rescue and RAID  Instructor Academic Sections Quick Quiz and Exams.
• To be certified as a RAID Divemaster or equivalent certification from a recognised training agency and/or complete, to the satisfaction of the instructor, the minimum in water open circuit Divemaster skills. 
• To have a minimum of 100 logged underwater hours on Open Circuit.
• To submit a RAID Master Rescue certificate, and/or equivalent and/or complete, to the satisfaction of a RAID Instructor Trainer, the in-water skills of the RAID Master Rescue Course.
• Submit a current Rescue Breathing/CPR/BLS Training and Oxygen Provider Instructor certificates. (DAN/equivalent). 
• Documented proof of pre-requisite requirements needed to be presented to the RAID Dive Centre and Instructor Trainer for approval prior to any in-water training.
• Complete an RAID Instructor Development practical programme (IDP) with a RAID Instructor Trainer or RAID Instructor Examiner.

RAID Instructor Development practical programme (IDP)


Dive RAID - Instructor Development Program

Course Content & Core Modules

RAID Instructor Development Program (IDP) candidates must attend all the Instructor Trainer (IT) run academic PowerPoint presentations. These include:

  • IDP Orientation
  • Course Structure and Standards
  • Teaching RAID Courses
  • Student Administration
  • Developing Presentations - class, confined and open water
  • Risk Management
  • The Business of Diving and RAID
  • The RAID Instructor Evaluation
  • Complete the Risk Management Schedule (RMS) Workshop
  • Complete at least one dive site briefing using the RAID Dive Site Briefing Slate and integrate the RMS
  • Complete at least one Dive Evaluation Checklist
  • Complete the De-Briefing and RAID Counselling Workshop
  • Complete relevant stamina exercises
  • Complete the rescue workshop
  • Complete the online theory training

Candidates must also:
1. Present and pass at least two academic teaching presentations
2. Present and pass at least three confined water presentations
3. Present and pass at least three open water presentations
Note: Each in-water presentation will consist of 2 skills
4. Present and pass at least one practical application
5. Review the relevant sections from Life Support Review (See Appendix)
6. Review all prescribed knots

For Recreational Open Circuit (OC)
• Pass the OC in-water pro-skill circuit evaluation
• Attend the RAID Nitrox Speciality Instructor Workshop
• Attend the RAID Deep 40 Speciality Instructor Workshop

Note: For recreational rebreather, there are similar standards relating to rebreather diving.

RAID Instructor Examination (IE)



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